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MICHAEL CHAIN is a gifted singer/songwriter. No big surprise. He’s been a top music and screenwriter for years (major artists record his tunes and his shows are Peabody Award winning and Emmy nominated).  And the man can sing. A quick listen to any cut on his CDs makes that clear.


Chain’s CDs are played on Rock, Country, R&B, Hot AC, Americana, Blues, and Jazz radio stations across the US and worldwide.  His songs have been recorded by B.J. Thomas, Vicki Lawrence, the Knack, Claudine Longet,  Leroy Van Dyke, Wayne Newton, John Davidson, Eric Anderson, Cheryl Ladd, the Mills Brothers, and international stars like Laura Alegria Bella Erny, Manoella Torres, Nora Aunor, Lorna Telentino, and Martha Caramelo to name a few.


MICHAEL CHAIN’S BAND are all top studio session men and seasoned concert performers.  You’ve heard them on hits by Bob Seger, Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Ricky Nelson, Mark Knopfler, George Harrison, Tina Turner, Linda Ronstadt, Paul Anka, Freddy Fender, Danny O’ Keefe, Kim Karnes, Tom Waits, Jackson Browne, J. D. Souther, the Knack, The Beatles, the Association – the list goes on and on.  Catch these guys live. This band don’t suck. 


Michael writes and produces his CDs with engineer Dave Matthews at Studio 19 in Nashville. "Do You Wanna Do It?", hit number one on the Hot AC Indie Charts. Chain loves recording but concerts are where his heart is. From hell holes to the Hollywood Bowl he has shared the stage with everyone from the Doors to Led Zeppelin. 


Michael grew up(?) in Laurel Canyon when it was the Music Mecca of rock. His parents gave him a guitar for his thirteenth birthday to get him to put down his BB gun and it worked.  Music became his passion. Sinatra gave the boy his first singing job, Bob Dylan encouraged him to pursue a recording career, and Buck Owens told him "cut your damn hair!"



Our Story

Mark Creamer:   lead guitar/dog ears.  Amarillo, Texas-born, Mark picked with the legendary Fireballs before he was old enough to buy cigarettes.  Jimmy Bowen and Lee Hazelwood kidnaped the boy and dragged him to L. A. to play his unique B-bender guitar.  Marks first session was Nancy Sinatra's These Boots Are Made For Walkin'.  More followed.  Billy Joel, Tina Turner, Bob Seger, Paul Anka, Kim Karnes, Jackie De Shannon...  Also a gifted studio engineer, Mark twiddled knobs on hit albums by Whitney Houston, Chicago, Robin Ford, Michael McDonald, Tommy Newsom and a host of others you can find in the bargain bin.  

Mark Smith:   bass guitar/harmonizer. Mark left his home in Shawnee Oklahoma to escape outdoor plumbing and sing with the famous Victor's Quartet Gospel Group. Also, an accomplished musician, you've heard him with the Boy Howdy Band, John Anderson, Gary Allen, Zella Lehr, Freddie Hart, Tex Williams, the friends of Distinction, and on lots of music you hear playing in elevators. 

Rhys Clark: drums/studio ace/very tall person. New Zealand lost a great sheep herder when Rhys made his way to the states to play with Billy Joel on the Piano Man album.  After that, the Kiwi toured for many a drunken stupor with Hoyt Axton and Freddy Fender.  Rhys is the consummate musician.  In New Zealand, Spike Jones is considered Classical music.

Various Guest Star Players:  show up from time to time when they are out of work or rehab.  



Loud & Proud

And then I wrote...

Let's Go Chase Some Women

Santa Claus is coming to Iraq


Sprit of the Free

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