February 26, 2016


Comedy is the lack of dead silence after a funny line is delivered.


Philosophers have long queried “if a joke fails in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” This really doesn’t concern you because philosophers have absolutely no sense of humor. Socrates’ stand-up was so bad they made him drink Hemlock.


If something is funny somebody laughs.


It’s as simple as that. If you laugh, it’s funny. No matter what it is. Even if you didn’t mean to — especially if you didn’t mean to. You cannot undo a laugh. And on occasion you have to stifle one.


Personally, I take a perverse joy at making people laugh at subjec...

November 10, 2015


1. Have Energy

2. Have Volume

3. Have a Character

4. Play It Straight

5. Have Attitude, Mood, Condition

6. Listen!

7. Wait for the Laughs

8. Stay Involved

9. KISS - Keep It Simple

10. Never Make Your Audience Think

11. Do Not Deny or Contradict (without reason)

12. Do Not Go for One-Liners

13. Do Not Grow Roots

14. Do Not Upstage or Scene Steal

15. Do Not Run Off at the Mouth

16. Find Your Format

17. Do Not Comment On Yourself

18. Back Up What You Say

19. Do Not Plan Ahead

20. Do Not Bail Out

21. Answer the Damn Question

22. Avoid Using Props

23. Do Not Try Too Hard



November 10, 2015


We are all actors, writers, and comics.


 Public libraries are overflowing with scholarly books, most often authored by people with little actual experience in their subject’s field, deifying a particular artistic endeavor and explaining the how and the why of it in excruciating detail with a complexity only a genius could aspire to fathom. I will simplify things for you.


Actors pretend. 


You starred in your first major performance as a child when you convinced your mother you were too sick to go to school that morning. Drama queens embellished this act with feigned chills or other physical symptoms. Future producers conned “momm...

November 10, 2015

When Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War he had no idea centuries later it would be used worldwide by corporate heads as a bible for big business. They found that the military strategies presented by Sun Tzu apply to commerce as well as to killing Chinese. And the very same goes for Miyamoto Musashi’s Kenjutsu masterpiece Book of Five Rings. Miyamoto’s combat rules for swordplay apply to negotiating and sales as well as dicing and slicing.


Chain Comedy works for business. 


My twenty-three Comedy Commandments apply to every activity you are involved in. Think about that. The answers are all here. You want to grow your...

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