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It’s all about being funny on the fly. It’s improv comedy for entrepreneurs, businessmen, pros, public speakers, CEOs, and Carny barkers. Funny gets people’s attention and lets you stand out from the crowd, be they your competitors, rivals, or promoters of ideas. Why be the one who laments, “I wish I’d said that!” when you can be the one who says it. Don’t let business bullies kick sand in your face. Drop them with a solid punchline. Comedy improv is a skill that can be learned, developed, and mastered just like public speaking or pickpocketing. Whether you’re blue collar, white collar, or surplice,  coach, consultant, corporate raider, service pro, or solar panel salesman, CHAIN COMEDY IMPROV FOR BUSINESS will teach you the skills you need to get to where you want to go. And it will be a fun trip. Remember, everybody loves a clown — unless the clown is John Wayne Gacy.


Improv training is

great business training…

Forbes Magazine

In today's business, communication is

not enough. It's all about entertainment. Chain Comedy will show you how to engage, entertain, enlighten, and exit.




I have been in the entertainment business for so many years some of my early co-workers were Cro-Magnons. WGA, SAG, AFTRA, AFM, NRA… I have collected paychecks as a #1 best-selling author, Peabody Award winning, EMMY-nominated screenwriter, script doctor, ghost writer, comedy writer, director, producer, stage, radio, commercial, voice-over, and screen actor, MC, game show host, lecturer, political consultant, singer, songwriter, recording artist, coach, teacher, sifu, and also from the State of California Unemployment Office. And comedy improv has saved my butt on every one. 


All of my endeavours were business ventures; they just had SHOW in front of them. I’ve worked spec projects for pizza and helmed multi-million dollar series with paychecks that flagged me to the IRS. I’ve hired and fired. Show business. Show me the money and I’ll give you the business.

Michael Chain - Writer &Entrepreneur


You are a company head who wants to significantly grow your business, a budding entrepreneur who wants to kick start your enterprise, the salesman who wants to win that wild weekend in Vegas, an attorney who wants to razzle dazzle ’em, a real estate agent who wants to sell more and chauffeur less, a service professional who wants to attract more clients, a corporate hot shot who wants to rally his people, a public speaker who wants to enthral, a coach who wants to inspire, an author who wants to best-sell, or you’re a millennial who’s only looking at this site  so your parents think you’re actually serious about getting a job and moving out of their house. No matter. CHAIN COMEDY IMPROV has something for every one of you.


Today communication is everything, everywhere, and all the time. We are numbingly bombarded with verbal and visual stimulus we tune out and turn off. Things have to catch your attention, hold it, and be simple enough to implant in your cranium. You have to entertain when you pitch, promote, or persuade, whether it's one on one, in a boardroom, addressing a crowd, or in front of a camera, if you want to build as well as keep your clientele. CHAIN COMEDY IMPROV makes that all happen. Fun and funny always beats dry and pedantic.



Scott, who leads a top consulting group, says “Spontaneous Comedy is the bible for folks wanting to make people laugh. In business laughter opens a lot of doors and it taught me to listen and think on my feet. My sales are up dramatically. Thank you Spontaneous Comedy and thank you Chain Comedy workshop.”


CHAIN COMEDY IMPROV will increase your impact, income, and influence by building your celebrity, credibility, and clout. (I do so love alliteration.)  

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