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Chain Comedy Improv for Business is all about being able to be funny on the fly and I’m going to show you how to do it. This book contains all the good stuff from my #1 Best Seller Spontaneous Comedy, plus extra added insights specifically written for entrepreneurs, businessmen, professionals, public speakers, CEOs, and Carny barkers. Being funny gets people’s attention and lets you stand out from the crowd, be they your competitors, rivals for a position, or promoters of ideas. Comedy conquers. Everything today has to be entertaining. Why be the guy who laments, “I wish I’d said that!” when you can be the one who says it. Don’t let the bully at the beach kick sand in your face. Drop him with a solid punchline. Comedy improv is a skill that can be learned, developed, and mastered just like public speaking or pickpocketing. It’s not just for actors, writers, and comics. We all need a good laugh. Open this book and enter the wonderful world of Chain Comedy.

Chain Comedy Improv for Business: The Fun Way to B

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