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We all have a funny bone. Use it or lose it.

Spontaneous Comedy is a skill that can be learned, developed, and mastered just like public speaking or pickpocketing.  I’ll teach you how to write, act, and be funny on the fly.




I’ve trained actors, writers, stand-up comics, directors, producers, announcers, singers, dancers, voice-over people, newscasters, reporters, ventriloquists, clowns, models, magicians, plumbers, porn stars, ADs, PMs, MCs, DJs, MDs, PHDs and even some SOBs. I’m sure you’ll fit right in.


I created Spontaneous Comedy so improv scenes would stand up on their own. No theater games here. Games are amusing at parties and for little theater but we aim higher. Spontaneous Comedy improvs have a beginning, middle, and an end, are prime-time funny, and can go right from the small stage to the big screen. That’s why the WGA (Writer’s Guild of America) had me lecture them on my technique – twice.  



I’ve been in show biz for so many years some of my early co-workers were Cro-Magnons. WGA, SAG, AFTRA,  AFM, NRA…I’ve collected paychecks as a best-selling author, Peabody Award winning, Emmy-nominated screenwriter, script doctor, ghost writer, comedy writer, stage, radio, commercial, voice-over, and screen actor, MC, game show host, director, producer, singer, songwriter, arranger, recording artist, record producer, lecturer, political consultant, coach, teacher, sifu, and also from the State of California Unemployment Office.

Michael Chain - Writer, Director, Producer 


I’m lucky to have worked with so many gifted people over the years. Each and every one of them taught me something about comedy, drama, writing, acting, music, or life, or just borrowed money from me. And you know who you are.


Bob Hope, Robin Williams, Dyan Cannon, Milton Berle, John Ritter, Harvey Korman, Kenneth Mars, James Komack, Patrick & Matthew Labyorteaux, Norman Lear, Casey Kasem, Soupy Sales, Joey Bishop, Fred Willard, Eddie Foy Jr., Carol Ita White, Howard Morris, Barbara Hershey, Hal Smith, Frank Welker, Shelley Herman, Randall Carver, Al Molinaro, Shari Lewis & Lambchop, Mike Stokey, Rodney Dangerfield, Phil Foster, Gary Owens, Barbara Eden, Kenny Greenwald, Frank Zappa, June Allyson, Brad Crandall, Tress MacNeille, Pat McCormick, Carmen Zapata, Peter Cullen, Irene Miracle, Claudio Guzman, Steve Franken, June Foray, Frank Sinatra, Joan Gerber, Sally Marr, Diana Chun, Byron “Bunny” Haskins, Michael Ritchie, Vin Di Bona, Sally Julian, William Christopher, Robert Donner, Joan Gerber, Roger C Carmel, Vanna White, Chuck Woolery, Ellis St. Joseph, Susan Oliver, Harvey Lembeck, Geoff Edwards, Dick Clark, Lynne Stewart, Morey Amsterdam, Janus Blythe, Byron Meyers, Peter Saxby, Louise Robey, Burgess Meredith, Kelly Cross, Moe Howard, Stanley Ralph Ross, Michael Oscar, Gary Marshal, Sandy Rosenberg, Vicki Lawrence, Bob Dylan, Tony Gaeta, Mick Jagger, Louis Armstrong, Henry Morgan, Chuck Jones, Chanda Fuller, James Mason, Pamela Mason, Roxy Rifkin, Joe Baker, Paul Grimm, Mitzi Shore, Mike Dugan, Bill Ratner, Susan Petricone, Ann Robinson, Bill Ballance, Marsha Wallace, Patty Lee, Joe Ruby, Ken Spears, Gene Weed, Jim Backus, Larry Gottlieb, Niel Ross, Frank Alesia, Burt Lancaster, Bill Larkin, Edward Dmytryk, Marilyn Grannis, Elaine Ballace, Ralph Edwards, Larry Storch, Jane Brandt, Alan Young, Chris Latta, Barbara Ransom, Michael Bell, Kevin Pollak, Joyce Selznick, Michael Ansara, Mitch Feingold, Elayne Boosler, Wally Burr, Joyce Gittlin, Isabel Wolfe, Doug Henning, Jim Lange, Dean Martin, Evelyn Gabai, Ruth Moyte, Sandy Rosenberg, Lou Scheimer, Rick Marcelli, Susannah Woodside, Jack Angel, John Ingle, Crazy Dave, Daws Butler, Susan Blu, Gary McNett, Barbara Harris, Mario Burgos, Lew Weitzman, Senator Gene Davis, Kaaren Brown, Ed Cobb, Hank Saperstein, Elmer Bernstein, Barbara Chain, Richard Hack, Lois Auer, Charles Nelson Reilly, Wendy Gayle, Nick Venet, McLean Stevenson, Hector Elias, Shanda Lear, Lee Orgel, Michael McMeel, Bob Merrill, Jule Styne, Steve Allen, Denise Kearney, Scott & Shannon Kent, Shancy Pierce, Steven Saltzman, Buddy Bregman, Jonathan Ingram, Mark Smith, Alain Azoulay, Mark Creamer, Pat Collins, Linda Salvin, Dan Ciarfalia, John Lovins, Evelyn Rudie, Doug Altman, Paul Ryan, Buck Owens, Dink Kaplan, Kevin Johnson, Tom Bray, Jack Clark, Candy Monteiro, Arthur Price, Eve Brandstein, Jackie Mills, Jimmy Bowen, Jonathan Yudkin, Maria Grimm, Craig Irwin, Malcolm Cassell, Chad Watson, Roger Strull, Alan Bernard, Don Williams, Howard Yearwood, Michael O’Herlihy, Joe Guercio, Lynne LaBorde, Steve Tisherman, Robert Goulet, Rita Vennari, Samuel Chain, Paul Ogata, Kris Ogata, Barbara Belle, Art Holland, Bruce Belland, Ray Sackheim, Billy Panda, Alan, Rachins, Parker West, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Verne Rowe, John Krauss, Jane Grafton, Keely Smith, Jim Brown, Rick Calvert, Dan Hughart, Frank Nelson, Jimmie Haskell, Jack Bornoff, Linda Dangcil, Kathleen O’Conner, Kini Lee, Gene Autry, Bubba, Rocky Osborn, Lois Nettleton, Dan Gilvezan, Judy Z Roberts, Elia Kazan, Paul Lynde, Phillip Margulies, Sylvia Hirsch, Julie Parrish, Craig Duswalt, Jim Morrison, Martin Landau, Zach Meyers, Matt Brauning, Peter Dante, Tony Bowers, Dave Matthews, Michael Reagan, Jamie Masada.


And if you don’t find your name here on my list, Join my Workshop.

“What Spontaneous Comedy teaches is how to listen, react, and know how to say the correct thing at the right time. Chain’s methods will give you the tools to communicate effortlessly in the workplace, in social situations, and when performing or speaking in front of people.”


Shelley Herman –

Emmy-nominated Writer, Actress, and Self-Proclaimed Know-It-All



“If laughter is the best medicine, then Mike Chain is the Dean of Medicine at the World University.”


Randall Carver –

Actor (Midnight Cowboy, Taxi, There Will Be Blood.)



Last night, using the skills I acquired from Spontaneous Comedy, I won a stand up competition. Spontaneous Comedy sharpened my thinking in a comedy Jedi way.”


Christopher Keith Tyler –

Stand Up Comic


"Michael will probably end up in prison."


Boy's Vice Principel

Hollywood High School

Startup - Chain Comedy
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